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Quality Report

This report is based on information from Hospital Compare, a website created through the efforts of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), an agency of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) along with the Hospital Quality Alliance (HQA). The HQA is a public-private collaboration established to promote reporting on hospital quality of care.

Information about Hospital Performance

Hospital performance rates tell you the proportion of cases where a hospital provided the recommended process of care. Only patients meeting the inclusion criteria for a measure are included in the calculation of the rate for a measure. A rate of 88% means that the hospital provided the recommended process of care 88% of the time. For example, the rates for initial antibiotic timing tell you the percentage of patients who received their first dose of antibiotics within four hours of arrival to the hospital. The ultimate goal for all measures listed is 100%. Hospitals with effective quality improvement programs are continually working toward this goal. The information posted on this website comes from the quality data submitted by hospitals to the QIO Clinical Data Warehouse for inpatient discharges. Except where noted, all measures reflect six months of experience, January to June 2004.

Information about participating hospitals and hospitals not included

Many hospitals reporting data in Hospital Compare have been providing information through the HQA initiative since November 2003. This tool (March 2005) presents data from hospitals that volunteered to participate in the initiative and submitted data for public reporting. Most of these were short-term acute care hospitals that, by providing information on ten measures identified by the Secretary of HHS, were eligible to receive an incentive payment for voluntary submission of data that was established by Section 501(b) of the Medicare Modernization Act (MMA). A substantial proportion of these hospitals also volunteered to provide information for Hospital Compare on additional measures, beginning with discharges in April 2004.

Hospital Compare also reflects data submitted voluntarily by critical access hospitals that are not eligible for the additional incentive payment established by the MMA. Critical Access Hospitals (CAHs) are small, isolated rural facilities. For these facilities, any hospital that volunteers to participate and submits cases for one or more measures can choose to have any or all of its data displayed on this website.

In addition to the CAH facilities, psychiatric, children’s, and rehabilitation hospitals have also volunteered to participate in the HQA initiative. Despite volunteering to submit data on quality for public reporting, these hospitals are not currently represented because the clinical conditions assessed by the current measures (heart attack, heart failure and pneumonia) are less commonly treated in those settings. These hospitals may have data included at some point in the future when applicable quality measures are added.

The name of the quality measure.

The name of the condition of the corresponding quality measure.

Number of Patients
The size of the data sample for the hospital quality measure.

Hospital Footnotes
The numbers of footnotes that are associated with the hospital's score for the quality measure.  Click column header for a pop-up with footnote definitions.

Hospital Score
The score that the hospital achieved for the quality measure.  The score is expressed as a percentage of the sample size that was measured.

National Average
The average score achieved by all hospitals in the nation for the quality measure.

National 90th Percentile
The score achieved by the Top 10% of all hospitals in the nation.  The Top 10% of hospitals achieved scores equal to or greater than the score reported.

State Average
The average score achieved by all hospitals in the state for the quality measure.

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